selected dance works

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Choreographed and performed by Olana Flynn (2018)
in collaboration with Mariam Dingilian and Molly McBride (2012)
Score by Jackie M (2012)

Performed June 4th, 2018 as part of ROUND 1 (16th Annual Graduate Student Dance Showing)

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Temporary Temple by Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV
Wayfaring Stranger (American Folk Song)
Wayfaring Pilgrim sung by Ola Belle Reed

Performed as part of TŪHONO on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 10:00am - 12:30pm UCR campus, Athletics and Dance Building ATHD 159 along with solos by Josie Bettman, Cristina Leyva, and Magnolia Yang Sao Yia.

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This solo was devised within the framework, principles and methodologies of Whakaahua Dance - an indigenous dance and somatic practice which arose out of Louise Potiki Bryant’s long-term collaboration with researcher and composer Professor Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal.
Whakaahua Dance is informed by Professor Royal’s research into the historical whare tapere - Māori community houses of storytelling, dance, music, games and more. Whakaahua means to acquire form or to transform, and Whakaahua Dance draws inspiration from a central concept of the haka (dance) of the whare tapere, whereby a quality from the natural world emerges from deep within a dancer to find it’s fullest expression in the performance of the dance. The Whakaahua Dance practice offers somatic exercises and techniques for creativity, healing, choreography and movement improvisation.



Fall 2017 MFA Showing
UC Riverside
Sound by Timed Egg, Ryan Caruso, Anthony Pasquarosa

Dance Under Construction (April 6,2018)
UC Riverside
Sound by Timed Egg, Ryan Caruso, CD/File, Lazar Bozic

Dance Under Construction (DUC) is an interdisciplinary UC forum in which graduate-level scholars meet to discuss each other's work and to reflect on new developments in the field of Dance Studies. The conference will include paper panels, performances, workshops, films, and feedback from faculty. Participants are requested to be in attendance for the entirety of the conference in order to support each other.

Photograph by Joel Smith

Here in the Background Between Two Figures is a short solo by Olana Flynn performed in a corner, in the dark. The movement is a simple and repetitive improvisational score with one light focused straight up. Positioned at the feet of the dancer, her body is projected in diverging and overlapping shadows onto the ceiling and walls of the performance space. The score for the work includes multiple tracks, each of which play out of different sound sources throughout the room. In contrast to the physical movement that stays in place the sound moves throughout the room created the sense of multiple worlds within the performance space. Here in the Background Between Two Figures is an exploration of double exposures, a photographic mishap in which multiple images are exposed onto the same frame of film. In this choreographed work we see body exposed over shadow, shadow exposed over shadow, sound exposed over sound, body exposed over sound, sound exposed over shadow. 


Oxbow Series

A series of 'dance films' filmed in Northampton, Massachusetts. Each filmed in half an hour or less, always outside, filmed with an iPhone, and lit by car headlights, the Oxbow Series is my way of saying no to the preciousness of dance making and yes to the making of any old thing. With a play between seriousness and comedy, they are my response to feelings of stagnancy, sadness, and winter in New England.

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Choreographed by Olana Flynn in collaboration with dancers
Performed by Olana Flynn, Madison Palffy, and Jennifer Robers
Original Score performed live by Sean Duram
Developed while in residence May 2016 at The Denmark Arts Center in Denmark, ME
Performed in New York, NY.
Video courtesy of Dixon Place.

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Choreographed and performed by Olana Flynn and Ailey Picasso
Music by The Knife (edited by Olana Flynn)
Performed in Amherst, MA. '

Photograph by Jim Coleman

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Choreographed by Olana Flynn in collaboration with dancers
Performed by Hayley-Jane Blackstone, Marilla Cubberley, Justin Norris, Madison Palffy, Ailey Picasso, and Sarazina Joy Stein
Original score by Jackie McDermott
Performed in Amherst, MA

Photography by Jim Coleman

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