House of One

An evening of solo performances presented by Loculus

February 2016 

Florence, MA

The evening included parting ways, a film by Olana Flynn, projected outside on the side of the building. Separated from the crowd and the rest of the performance. To view it was a lonely moment. 

A Collective Understanding of Multiple Authenticities

Choreographed and performed by Loculus

November 2015

Easthampton, MA

A collective performance in conversation with three visual artists, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Noel'le Longhaul, and Raisa Sandstrom and the following manifesto. 

A Collective Understanding of a Multiplicity of Authenticities:
+ that performance is at once a representation of the self and the other
+ that the things about us that are authentic and the things that we cite as our identities are not always the same
+ this can be the place where they diverge, converge, and diverge again
+ that habits become skills, skills become comfortable, comfort can initiate the desire to create something uncanny
+ that the uncanny and the authentic are entirely different and perhaps there is no need to reconcile the two
+ that extracting and memorializing authenticity creates complication

This event was made possible in part by Eastworks and is supported in part by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

in the pit of my sanctuary

Choreographed and performed in collaboration with Molly McBride

April 2015

Holyoke, MA

Shown as part of COLD SWEAT : A Haunted House, curated by Hayley Jane Blackstone. in the pit of my sanctuary is a duet that exists in a theoretical place of our making. As choreographers our medium is the moving body in space. For this project we set the task of sculpting a world that could influence, sometimes even dictate, our movement in an effort to comment on the interplay between form and environment. As dancers it is in this world that we reside during performance. Inspired by the landscape of nightmares, one that is constantly changing and often devoid of logic, this work seeks to contemplate the following:

loss of control, trauma, voyeurism, recognizing reality in something fundamentally unreal.

Tracing: A Collaborative Multi-Media Residency 

May 2014

Easthampton, MA 

The residency will provide four emerging multi-media artists, Olana Flynn, Ryan Caruso, Emelia Brumbaugh and Madison Palffy, the opportunity to engage in their personal artistic practice while simultaneously establishing a collaborative artistic process with each other. The residency will culminate in a multi-media performance or installation resulting from the month long collaboration. The work will engage fundamentally with dance, movement design, and space as a workable medium.

dances that cannot be swallowed or spit out 

April 2014

Haydenville, MA 

Shown as part of a group show, DEMO: fragment // transmutate, curated by Emily Rae Singer in a repurposed barn. The show sought to examine modes of creating process-driven work with roots in archival documentation. The work expands to new territories of form and meaning while retaining the history of it's past iterations. Like a demo tape, this show was a display of what is of process and in process in that the works do not desire resolution, but remain restless,

dances that cannot be swallowed or spit out originates which a score for Contact Improvisation. The choreography utilized has gone through a series of forms : a live performance, video documentation, and video installation. The video is projected onto the wood structures of the barn, the floor, and found objects from the barn's space. These objects are shifted, re-oriented, introduced, and removed by the artist in order to alter the surface for the projection.