University of California, Riverside

            MFA Student in Experimental Choreography

Hampshire College/Five College Dance Department

            Bachelor of the Arts (2013)

            Concentration in Performance and Choreography

Bates Dance Festival

            Professional Training Program (2014)

Dance Training

Contemporary/Modern (Joy Davis, Angie Hauser, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Katie Martin, Paul Matteson, Cynthia McLaughlin, Jennifer Nugent, Luis Lara Malvacias, Claudia Lavista)

Improvisation (Chris Aiken, Abby Crain, Angie Hauser, Sara Shelton Mann)

Contact Improvisation (Chris Aiken, Erin Law, Nancy Stark-Smith)

West African Dance (Marilyn Sylla, Sekou Sylla)

Authentic Movement/Contemplative Dance (Daphne Lowell)

Ballet (Kelli King)

Dance Studies (Jess Curtis, Anthea Kraut, Constance Valis Hill)

Composition (Jim Coleman, Peter Jones, Daphne Lowell, taisha paggett, Wendy Woodson)

Administration & Production

NOT FESTIVAL (February/march 2018)

Production Stage Manager

FRESH Festival (January 2017)

            Production Manager/Stage Manager

Five College Dance Department (August 2015-July 2016)

Assistant Production Manager

Pioneer Valley Ballet (January 2015-August 2015)

            Administrative Assistant

Production Work

Production Designer + Lighting Designer: ROUND 1: 16th Annual Graduate Student Dance Showing (2018), University of California Riverside

Production Stage Manager/Lighting Designer: NOT Festival (2018), University of California Riverside

Stage Manager: Dora, a play by Wendy Woodson (2015)

Assistant Stage Manager: Pioneer Valley Ballet’s Nutcracker (2015 & 2016), Pioneer Valley Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty (2016)

Production Manager: ABT Studio Company at Mount Holyoke College (2016)

House and Box Office Manager: I Capuleti e I Montecci, a Dance Opera by Idan Cohen at Amherst College (2016)

Technician: CalArts Next Dance Festival (2017)


UNiversity of california, riverside 

Graduate Teaching Assistant 

Hampshire College

Beginning Modern master class (Fall 2012)

Springfield College

Introduction to Dance (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

This experiential course provides an introduction to dance as an educational, social, creative, and artistic discipline. Based upon the framework of Laban Movement Analysis, class activities will include experiences in movement fundamentals, a variety of world dance forms, group relationships, improvisation, choreography, performance, critical thinking and dance criticism. Learning experiences include reading and written assignments, dance activities, journaling, critiquing, and research. No prerequisites required, but some previous dance experience is suggested.

Advanced Dance Seminar (Spring 2016)

Taken in either junior or senior year, this capstone course is designed for dance majors to prepare to enter professions available in the dance field. Students will hone in their creative practice and artistic aesthetic along with practical skills such as, creating professional portfolios, grant writing, job searches, interview techniques, and dance production basics. The class also functions as a round-table discussion group in which students will have the opportunity to delve into research (both theoretical and physical) in collaboration with their peers.

Moving Target—Portland (May 2016)

This class will be taught collaboratively by Olana Flynn, Madison Palffy, and Jennifer Roberts who are currently rehearsing for a work by Olana.

My choreography speaks a language of disintegrating unison. It is often virtuosic, with obtuse balances and moments of stillness that allow the mover to feel the ‘loss’ of movement and dwell in the space of emptiness. These corporeal silences are full of reverberations in the body allowing the mover to revel in the memory of moving which in turn inspires the next motion. 

In our current process we are collaborating with musician Sean Duram. Our fundamental research in this process is to explore how a sound can hold you up. Using the principles of floor work and release technique, how do you allow the sound to be the thing that gravity pushes you towards, the thing that supports you and literally holds you up.

We will explore these same questions in class through a series of set exercises and improvisations ending in phrase material from our current work.

Packer Collegiate Institute—Brooklyn, NY (Fall, 2016)

Substitute Teaching for all High School technique and composition classes.

Supervising and mentoring senior choreography rehearsals.


Loculus Collective

Loculus is a performance collective based in Western Massachusetts. Loculus performs locally, often in collaborated with DIY musicians and artists in non-traditional performance spaces. In addition to performance Loculus publishes a quarterly journal. As dancers and performers as well as critical thinkers the collective feels that the perspectives of critically engaged movers are essential and transformative of all kinds of creative collaborations. Each issue is in itself a site of creative intervention, including essays, photographs, interviews, creative writing, and/or ephemera. The Loculus Quarterly is a platform for critical thinking and dance that will engage dancers, dance-makers, archivists, and movement researchers--among others.

Workbench Dance

Workbench is a choreographic works-in-progress series in Northampton. Each month the work of 3-5 emerging to professional choreographers is showcased. Performances are followed by a moderated talkback conducted by local artists, bodyworkers, and scholars. Workbench has shown the work of such artists as Safi Harriot, Dahlia Nayar, Sarah Hook and Paul Matteson and has hosted such moderators as Melinda Buckwalter and Kathy Couch.

Choreography & Performance

Logan County (2018) Riverside, CA 

Dust.1 (2018) Riverside, CA 

Supplemental Facts (2018) Los Angeles, CA // By Todd McQuade 

Here in the Background Between Two Figures (2018) Riverside, CA

Fuck It. Let’s Do In The Round (2016) Northampton, MA // Choreographed in collaboration with Anna Wotring

They Call These Seastacks (2016) Manhattan, NY // Featuring an original live soundscore by Sean Duram

in the pit of my sanctuary (2015) Holyoke, MA // Choreographed in collaboration with Molly McBride

A Piece of Rising Ground (2015) Brattleboro, VT & Boston, MA

collapsed reverberations (2014) Brooklyn, NY

Lift Pull Drop (2014), Brattleboro VT // Choreographed by Katie Aylward

The D.W. Variety Revival Distortion (2014) Northampton, MA // Choreographed by Annie Rudnik

too bad it’s nothing (2014) Amherst, MA // Choreographed by Madison Palffy 

between sinking (2014) Northampton, MA & Amherst, MA // Choreographed in collaboration with Ailey Picasso

1/1 (2014) Northampton, MA & Long Island City, NY // Choreographed in collaboration with Justin Norris

if tangled bits fly loose (2013) Amherst, MA

Surfacing (2013) Amherst, MA // Choreographed by Terese Freedman (restaged with help from Jim Coleman)

Spring/Made (2013) Plainfield, MA // Directed by Angie Hauser

Crew House Salon (2013) Northampton, MA // Directed by Angie Hauser

More.Portraits (2013) Amherst, MA // Choreographed by Katie Martin

Dust (2012) Amherst, MA

Bound (2012) Amherst, MA & New London, CT

3.70.60 (2012) Amherst, MA


The Oxbow Series (2016)

A series of ‘dance films’ filmed in the Oxbow in Northampton, Massachusetts during the winter and spring of 2016. Each filmed in half an hour of less, always outside, filmed with an iPhone, and lit by car headlights, the Oxbow Series is the artist’s way of saying no to the preciousness of dance making and yes to the making of any old thing. With a play between seriousness and comedy, they are a response to feelings of stagnancy, sadness, and winter in New England.


Northampton Arts Council

2015: ArtsEZ Spring Grant for Loculus Quarterly Journal.

2013: Massachusetts Cultural Council/Local Cultural Council Fall Grant Program for Workbench Dance.

Easthampton City Arts/Mill Arts Project

2014: Space grant for Tracing: A Collaborative Residency.


Tracing: A Collaborative Residency

Tracing was a month long residency (May 1st-June 2nd 2014) curated and facilitated by Emelia Brumbaugh and Olana Flynn as part of the Mill Arts Project. The residency provided Brumbaugh, Flynn and two other local artists, Ryan Caruso and Madison Palffy the opportunity to engage in their personal practice while simultaneously establishing a collaborative process with each other. The residency culminated in a multi-media performance or installation collaboratively created by participants. This work will engaged fundamentally dance, movement design, and space as a workable medium.

Hio Ridge Dance (May 2016)

Hio Ridge Dance is the platform for the creative and community building work of dancers Cookie Harrist and Delaney McDonough. At home in rural Denmark, Maine, Cookie and Delaney build original performance works, teach technique and improvisation to community members of all ages, and host artist visitors for creative residencies.          

Olana Flynn along with collaborators Madison Palffy, Jennifer Roberts, and Sean Duram were invited for a week long creative residency during which they will be developing a new work to be premiered in New York City in June of 2016. In conjunction with their residency the group will teach a master class as part of Moving Target Portland.

2x3: A Generative Artwork Residency Series (August 2016)

2x3: A Generative Artwork Residency, curated by Esther S White and Trevor Powers, is a week-long project where A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA will be utilized as an artists’ studio, production facility, and exhibition space. This project will provide two artists, Leah Mackin and Sally Clegg, and one collective, Loculus, each with two-day, mini residencies in the gallery. During their mini-residencies, the artists will each create new and intuitive bodies of work using a photocopier and simple bookmaking tools. 2x3 creates a transparent space for art making, where the means of production are both exposed and accessible.

Loculus will create book art during their two-day time and a new performance piece, directed by Madison Palffy and Olana Flynn, in response to the space, the equipment, and the book work made by Leah and Sally. Loculus will hold open rehearsals throughout the week, with a schedule to be determined in cooperation between artists and gallery management.

The last day of the week there will be a closing reception with three bodies of work to be performance/on display, as well as an artist/curator talk.