Olana is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from New York. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College where she studied dance, choreography, and radical social movements. She is currently an MFA Candidate in Experimental Choreography at the University of California, Riverside where she is a recipient of a Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship, a fellowship from the Gluck Program of the Arts, and the MFA Graduate Fellowship Award. She is a founding member of LOCULUS a dance and performance collective based in Northampton, MA that creates performances in non-traditional spaces. Olana’s work sits at the intersections of contemporary modern dance, photography, and theoretical praxis. She draws on her experiences working as a choreographer and dance teacher as well as in dance production and grassroots political organizing. In her work she seeks to complicate notions of time by creating dynamic relationships between the human and non-human (sound, light, object, memory, theory) — the seen and unseen. She has had the privilege of studying and performing with artists such as Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Katie Martin, Paul Matteson, and Jennifer Nugent. Her work has been performed in New York, Philadelphia, Riverside, and throughout New England. Her photography has been featured in a number of zines and journals and has been exhibited at VSOP Projects in Greenport, NY. As an educator Olana has taught at Springfield College, the University of California Riverside, and as a guest artist at a number of high schools, studios, and festivals. 

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