In an increasingly rigid world constructed by the concept that everything we do is some sort of transaction and every decision a carefully considered calculation of personal risk vs gain, I believe that being a student of dance is a radical thing. I believe that dance provides alternative ways of interacting with society and each other. Fundamentally it asks us to consider where we are in space and to notice where other bodies are relationship to our own. As a teacher I strive to create a studio environment that embraces this radical potential of dance by encouraging a culture of empowerment, inclusivity, self exploration, critical thinking, and intentional decision making and problem solving in learning movement.

I teach a bastardized (but cited) synthesis of my own trickled down training in specific somatic based contemporary techniques including Klein, Skinner Release, Open Source Forms, and Body Mind Centering. Through an accumulation of improvised and simple set exercises that draw from these techniques, my classes build gradually to learning set phrase material and longer improvisational scores.